Celebrate in style with the best Vineyard Tours in Long Island

Ace Luxury Wine Tours treats their clients as their favorite guests. We offer exciting and absolutely affordable packages of Wine Tours and Vineyard Tour in Long Island for different occasions like bachelorette party, wedding and group or family trips.
All our guests enjoy luxury traveling with options available for all size groups. We have black cars, limousines and luxury party buses that can accommodate 2 to 50+ people. The variety of vehicles give you the liberty to choose according to your needs and budget. Our tour vehicles are perfect for private parties and larger group events.

We begin your perfect day with our perfect service. You are received by an experienced chauffeur with the itinerary for the day. From your pickup point, you and your group is taken via limo or a luxury party bus to the vineyard of your choice. Here you have the option of taking the wine tour, talking with winemakers, and relaxing and enjoying wine tasting. Also included in every package!

Our experienced staff members are always available to answer your queries and assist you in creating a custom package to meet your specific needs.

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Choosing Ace Luxury Wine Tours for your Vineyard Tour Long Island ensures a seamless, luxurious, and unforgettable wine-tasting adventure. Let us guide you through the vineyards, introduce you to exceptional wines, and provide a remarkable journey that leaves you with cherished memories. Contact us today to book your Vineyard Tour and embark on an extraordinary experience with Ace Luxury Wine Tours.
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